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Ignacio Beteta V.
Housing and  
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Ignacio Beteta

Ignacio Beteta V. graduated in economics at Universidad Anáhuac, with a Master's Degree in Finance at San Diego State University, specializing in real estate and mortgage finance. Mr. Beteta has lectured in economics at different universities; he has led research projects and offered consulting practices. With a combination of his technical skills in economic theory and finance, he has been able to succeed in the practical arena of real estate and mortgage banking such as Banco del Atlántico, Hipotecaria Vanguardia and General Hipotecaria, a GE Company. At present, Mr. Beteta is the head of the mortgage division at Banco Azteca.

In his recent book, Housing and Mortgage Credit in Mexico, Mr. Beteta analyzes and emphasizes the importance of the financial sector in the housing industry in Mexico, with the help of a theoretical framework and macroeconomic and housing statistics.

Mr Beteta, also participates in economic and financial programs on television - Channel 11, as well as Radio Programs in Radio Fórmula, including regular input in specialized magazines and newspapers relating to articles on real estate issues and mortgage practices. Amongst these are Suplemento de la CANADEVI, Real Estate, El Semanario and La Vivienda Hoy.

Some of the titles of these articles are:

vivienda credito hipotecario

*Housing and Mortgage Credit in Mexico*
(Vivienda y Crédito Hipotecario en México)

This book, written by Mr. Ignacio Beteta V. was presented on the 17th of November, 2005, by Mr. Francisco Gil Díaz, Secretary of the Treasury in Mexico, who wrote the prologue to this book: more..

"This book offers a favorable perspective of the housing and mortgage industry in Mexico. According to Mr. Beteta´s point of view, the mortgage market will continue to grow and become more competitive. Under this scenario, interest rates will continue to decrease and the financial institutions that participate in this market will have to adapt their business practices to a more competitive market."

Photo gallery of the presentation, here..

Housing and Mortgage Credit in Mexico, describes the housing industry, which has been the most dynamic economic activity in the last five years. Included is interesting research on the housing requirements in Mexico, based on statistics on the present shortages of housing as well as the growth rate of Mexico´s population. more..

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CONAVI, the official Government Housing Institution, published in February 19, 2007, in the "Diario Oficial", the programs for financing and use of Federal Subsidies for Housing. If you wish to access this document, . <here>

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